Grootfontein Grootfontein

Grootfontein Councilor: Nelao Amagulu

Location: Some 542km from Windhoek, north-east on the B8 road
Social Characteristics:

24878 people reside in the constituency, Grootfontein is the only town with the biggest Army Base in Namibia, Main languages spoken is Otjiherero, SAN(Hai//khom, Ju/hoansi, !Kung), Three Secondary Schools, nine Primary Schools and one  Agricultural College, One District Hospital, access to portable water , sanitation infrastructure in rural areas needs improvement


300-600mm rainfall p/a, Bush encroachment experienced in the area, plenty of underground water, refer to as Kartsveld Zone(both grass and tree cover present)

Economic Characteristics:

Predominantly mixed farming both crop and livestock production (known as Maize Triangle=produce mealies for maize production), manufacturing of mosquito nets in Grootfontein, Charcoal

production, old copper mines at Berg Aukas and Abenab, Hoba Meteorite is the main tourist attraction site while tourism accommodation and hunting farms are also present, tourists transiting route to and from Etosha-Zambezi

Infrastructure and Services:

Otjivanda Shopping Center in Grootfontein, Airstrip at Army Base available, Road and rail network in good condition, new tar road under construction from Grootfontein to Okamatapati, ITC coverage and electricity(CENORED) supply satisfactory, Land provided by Local Authority housing etc, water canal supplied water from Berg Aukas to Windhoek via Von Bach Dam, Berg Aukas Youth Development Center

Challenges Challenges

  • A climatic condition has change over the years and has affected the region heavily in livestock losses e.g droughts, floods, etc.
  • Road networks
  • High unemployment rate
  • Poverty
  • Rural urban migration
  • The high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the resultant effects there-of.
  • The platoon system which is currently practiced at several schools is due to a shortage of classrooms.
  • The lack of libraries in suburbs.
  • Domestic fires.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Lack of Institutes of Higher Learning
  • High number of Road accidents(B1 road)